Appointment Scheduling Software

A Appointment scheduling software like Visi Track offers complete security solutions. It monitors the movement of the visitors and saves his or her personal information and other such details in the database. As this is a useful device, Visi Track is used by huge corporate and IT firms, residential buildings and other organizations. With Appointment scheduling software, it is possible to ensure the safety of people as well as their properties.

The Visi Track Appointment scheduling software is available in different forms including computers, tablets, kiosks and mobile phones. The Appointment scheduling software is used to collect information about the visitors, fix an appointment with the person to be visited and print gate pass or visitor badges.

The details of the person can either be entered manually or can be transferred to the database by swiping his or her visiting card. Once the details are correctly entered, a call is made to the visitee to let him or her know that he or she has a visitor. This is to verify whether he or she knows this person or knows whether he or she is expecting the visitor. The visitee can be notified through email or SMS too. The security guard makes sure that the person is free to visit the person before going further.

Once the appointment is fixed, a photograph of the visitor is taken via the webcam and the visitor gatepass or badge is created. This pass created with the help of Appointment scheduling software contains the photograph, personal and other such details of the visitor. The in-time is also mentioned on the gatepass. All these information is stored in the database too. The gatepass or badge is returned after the visit and the out-time is also recorded.

Using the appointment scheduling software is not difficult. One only needs basic computer skills to do it. The best part of using Appointment scheduling software to make appointments is because the visited knows exactly who is arriving to meet him or her and also the purpose of doing so. Appointment scheduling software provides 100% transparency.

Important Features

Visitrack comes with an unprecedented set of exciting features and is now available in several variants - Mobile apps, tablets, web links and kiosks.

Smart Scheduling & Categorization

Schedule & categorize people and events in an orderly manner to improve operational processes

Identify your Reception

Record visitor check-in identities with pictures, biometric information & save them for further use

Secure Multi-level Visitor Access

Control your visitor movements with greater
control and visibility

Monitor Visitor Traffic

Effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting duration

Smart Notifications & Badges

Assign visitors customized badge designs and notify managers by email & sms alert about visitor details and timings.

Safe & Secure Registration

Register new users with fool-proof identification documents for organizational security

Accurate In & Out Time Recording

Record accurate in & out visitor timings to optimize organizational processes

Real-Time Reports

Generate real-time web based reports that can be accessed on the fly


Visi Track delivers cost-effective optimized solutions for Visitor Management Systems for Enterprises, Business Centers, Organizations, Schools, Colleges, & Residential premises.

Visitors enter the premises
Thorough scanning of the visiting card by the security guard & enter important information such as visitee name, department, purpose of visit, time of visit, etc.
An appointment is created with the visitee via telephone.
Clearance by visitee grants access to the security guard to take a visitor photograph.
A pass is printed and given to the user to meet the visitee.
The pass is given back to security guard to scan the card for out-time.
The In & Out time information is recorded & managed efficiently.
The visitor leaves the Premises.


Visi Track seamlessly integrates with various hardware consoles and devices to deliver accurate and optimum solutions for Visitor Management Systems.


Installing a webcam captures photos of the visitor/visitors, which is further printed on the visitor badge/ pass.

 Card Reader

Read contents of visitor business card, store the information as a contact in the database for further need. Scan multiple cards with a business scanner to save time and optimize processes.


Print Visitor Badges/Passes with an installed Printer.

Application Screenshots

Scan through our application screenshots to get a better view and idea about our ingenious product and reports.

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